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Chủ đề “Describe something you often do to keep fit” chắc chắn là sẽ là một trong chủ đề tạo nhiều hứng thú đối với nhiều sĩ tử. Đừng bỏ qua bất kỳ chủ đề nào nếu bạn muốn chinh phục điểm số IELTS Speaking thật cao nhé!

Part 2 – IELTS Speaking: Keeping Fit and Healthy

1. Bài mẫu

Describe something you often do to keep fit. You should say:
– What the activity is
– When you do it
– How often you do it
And explain why it is a good way to keep fit


What the activity is
When you do it
How often you do it
Well, in order to keep myself in shape, I go to the gym to workout every other day of the week, mostly in the evening.
And explain why it is a good way to keep fit

My workout sessions consist of chest day, back and shoulders training day and wraps up the week is leg day. I find it more enjoyable to exercise my upper body because, similar to the majority, leg training, for me, is somewhat a daunting task to deal with. When it comes to the exercise routine, I focus mostly on the bench press which is the key exercise for building the muscle of my chest, and the lat pulldown and barbell row for my back. Weight training, in my opinion, not only increases your strength and stamina but also improves your physique and your mental well-being. So whenever I get stressed after a hectic day, I would go to the gym to rejuvenate myself.

But besides exercising, you gotta eat well to keep fit. In order to maximize the result of my training, I have to be consistent and also follow a balanced diet for my body to recover and build muscle. Basically, I have to eat a lot of high-protein food and consume good natural fat from fish and nuts. Some may think all they can eat is chicken breast to build muscle but the reality is, there are tons of deliciously healthy recipes out there, and I really enjoy incorporating new dishes into my diet. And lastly, I always hear a misconception that old people shouldn’t do weight training because it may affect their health. That is not true. It has been clearly researched that as people age, they lose muscle over time which would lead to them becoming sedentary and developing lifestyle-related diseases. That is why weight training is extremely important for everyone and especially the elders to maintain their muscle mass. People often think about the effects of physical exercises on lifespan, but what physical training does is it increases your “healthspan”, how long you were healthy, and your healthspan, therefore, increases your lifespan.

And that is all I want to say: We must stay active.


2. Từ vựng và cụm từ

  • keep/stay/get in shape (phrase): giữ dáng
  • Upper-body (n): thân trên
  • Daunting (adj): làm nản chí
  • Stamina (n): sức bền
  • Physique (n): hình thể
  • Mental wellbeing (phrase): sức khoẻ tinh thần
  • Hectic (adj): rất bận rộn
  • Rejuvenate (v): hồi xuân, chữa lành
  • Sedentary (adj): thụ động
  • Lifespan (n): tuổi thọ

Part 3 – IELTS Speaking: Keeping Fit and Healthy


1. Bài mẫu

  • How should children be educated about the importance of maintaining good health?

Well, I think that kids mostly are not aware of maintaining good health and also they don’t develop that preference for an aesthetically pleasing physique yet. But we could help children to form good eating and exercise habits from a very young age. Those two are the key elements for overall physical wellbeing.


  • How can governments play a role in this?

From my point of view, the government should promote more physical activities in educational institutions throughout the country. Personally, the government should put emphasis on making PE class more enjoyable than how it is now. For instance, many students in Vietnam are intimidated by such challenging PE exams that those students tend to shy away from participating in physical activities outside the class.


  • What are the negative impacts, if any, of technological advances on the lifestyles of people nowadays?

Technological advances are turning people into sedentary lifestyles. Many young people spend all day scrolling through social media or playing video games on their smartphones and don’t go outdoors doing exercises or playing sports which would lead to them developing spine diseases such as disc herniation. Moreover, with the booming of delivery services, a lot of people prioritize ordering takeaway food over preparing home-cooked meals themselves. I find it worrying when it comes to eating out because I don’t have a clue what they put in the food. It could be very high in saturated fat which is why cooking your own food is the way to go.


  • Should unhealthy products be banned? If so, then how?

I mean every food nowadays is pretty much considered unhealthy to some extent because even if you prepare your own meal, the ingredients are mostly not organic and contaminated with chemicals and pesticides. So if you were to ban all the unhealthy food available, there would be nothing left to eat. In addition, the food and beverage industry is willing to prioritize profits over people’s health.

For example, those sandwiches which are packaged in the supermarket can last up to weeks compared to traditional bread because they are loaded with tons of preservatives. And people deliberately take these junk foods despite being aware of they causing many health problems. For instance, coca-cola is pumping out millions of bottles of coke every day to satisfy the needs of ignorant citizens. It’s a matter of supply and demand, if people stop buying all the unhealthy food and only shop for organic alternatives, the industry will follow without strict regulations from the government.

2. Từ vựng và cụm từ

  • Aesthetically pleasing (phrase): đẹp
  • Put emphasis on (phrase): nhấn mạnh
  • Intimidated by: bị làm nản chí
  • Shy away from (phrase): né tránh
  • Disc herniation (n) thoát vị đĩa đệm
  • Contaminated with (v) bị đầu độc
  • Deliberately (adv): cố tình
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