IELTS Speaking Internet – Sample Part 1, 2 & 3

Internet ngày nay đã trở thành một phần không thể thiếu trong cuộc sống con người – vì vậy, không có gì đáng ngạc nhiên khi nó cũng trở thành một chủ đề Speaking hot trong bài thi nói IELTS. Sau các topic như Technology, Social Media, Mobile phone… hôm nay trở lại với series bài mẫu của WESET, chúng ta hãy cùng khám phá chủ đề IELTS Speaking Internet nhé!


IELTS Speaking Internet – Sample Part 1

How often do you use the Internet?

A: I use the Internet on a daily basis. It has become an integral part of my life, helping me stay connected, informed, and productive.

What do you usually do on the Internet?

A: I engage in various activities online. Primarily, I use it for research, communication with friends and family through social media, and staying updated on current events. I also take online courses to enhance my skills.

How has the Internet changed your life?

A: The Internet has transformed my life in numerous ways. It has made information readily accessible, enabling me to learn and explore new topics easily. Additionally, it has expanded my social circle and allowed me to connect with people from different parts of the world.

Are there any disadvantages to using the Internet?

A: While the Internet offers countless benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. One concern is the potential for online privacy breaches and cybercrimes. Moreover, excessive use of the Internet can lead to reduced face-to-face interaction and even addiction in some cases.

What do you think the future of the Internet will be like?

A: I believe the Internet will continue to evolve and play an even more central role in our lives. We might witness advancements in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, leading to immersive online experiences and enhanced convenience. However, addressing issues related to cybersecurity and digital divide will also be crucial.

IELTS Speaking Internet – Sample Part 2

Describe a positive impact of the Internet on your life. You should say:

  • What the impact was
  • How it affected you
  • When you first experienced this impact
  • Why it was important to you


One positive impact of the Internet on my life has been the transformation of my language learning journey. This impact has been profound, revolutionizing the way I acquire and practice languages, and it all began a few years ago when I first stumbled upon online language learning platforms.

Before the Internet, language learning primarily relied on textbooks and traditional classroom settings. However, with the advent of the Internet, a vast array of resources became accessible at my fingertips. I started using interactive language learning websites, online communities, and language exchange platforms, which enabled me to connect with native speakers from around the world. This real-time interaction immensely improved my pronunciation, fluency, and cultural understanding.

I distinctly remember my first experience with online language exchange. It was about three years ago when I connected with a native English speaker through a language exchange website. We began chatting through video calls, discussing a wide range of topics. This experience was a turning point, as it allowed me to practice conversational French in a natural, unstructured setting. The Internet not only facilitated these connections but also provided tools like voice messaging and instant translation, making our interactions seamless and effective.

This positive impact was incredibly important to me as it transformed my language learning from a conventional classroom experience to an interactive, dynamic journey. The convenience of accessing resources and connecting with speakers regardless of geographical boundaries was a game-changer. It not only enhanced my language skills but also fostered cultural awareness and global connections. This newfound fluency in French even opened doors for international travel and deeper cultural experiences.

In conclusion, the Internet’s role in reshaping my language learning journey has been a remarkable positive impact. It revolutionized the way I learn, practice, and connect with languages and cultures. The accessibility and convenience offered by online platforms have truly enriched my life and broadened my horizons in ways I couldn’t have imagined before.

IELTS Speaking Internet – Sample Part 3

How has the Internet changed the way people communicate with each other?

A: The Internet has fundamentally revolutionized communication by breaking down geographical barriers. People can now instantly connect with each other through various platforms like social media, video calls, and messaging apps. This has fostered global friendships and facilitated real-time interaction, transcending time zones and distances.

What are the advantages of online shopping compared to traditional shopping?

A: Online shopping offers unparalleled convenience and variety. It allows consumers to browse a vast range of products from the comfort of their homes, compare prices, and read reviews before making informed decisions. Moreover, online shopping often provides discounts and doorstep delivery, saving time and effort.

Do you think the Internet has negatively affected face-to-face interactions?

A: While the Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we interact, it doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a decline in face-to-face interactions. It’s up to individuals to strike a balance between online and offline interactions. In fact, the Internet can sometimes enhance offline interactions by helping us stay connected and coordinate plans more efficiently.

What are the potential risks associated with sharing personal information online?

A: Sharing personal information online can expose individuals to various risks, such as identity theft, cyberbullying, and privacy breaches. It’s crucial to be cautious about the information we share and to ensure that the platforms we use prioritize data security and user privacy.

How has the Internet influenced education and learning?

A: The Internet has revolutionized education by democratizing access to information and resources. Online courses and platforms have made learning more flexible and accessible, allowing individuals to pursue education at their own pace. Moreover, the Internet has expanded the scope of research and collaboration among students and academics globally.

What role does the Internet play in promoting cultural exchange and understanding?

A: The Internet serves as a powerful tool for promoting cultural exchange and understanding. Social media, for instance, allows individuals to share insights about their cultures, traditions, and daily lives with a global audience. This exposure fosters empathy, breaks stereotypes, and helps build bridges between different societies.

Từ vựng IELTS Speaking Internet Vocabulary

English Vietnamese
Internet Internet
Online Trực tuyến
Communication Giao tiếp
Connect Kết nối
Connectivity Khả năng kết nối
Social media Mạng xã hội
Website Trang web
Browsing Lướt web
Digital Số hóa
Access Truy cập
Information Thông tin
Online shopping Mua sắm trực tuyến
Streaming Phát trực tuyến
Cybersecurity An ninh mạng
Privacy Quyền riêng tư
Identity theft Trộm danh tính
Cyberbullying Quấy rối trực tuyến
Data breach Vi phạm dữ liệu
E-commerce Thương mại điện tử
Online education Giáo dục trực tuyến
Virtual reality Thực tế ảo
Artificial intelligence Trí tuệ nhân tạo
Globalization Toàn cầu hóa
Cultural exchange Trao đổi văn hóa
Online community Cộng đồng trực tuyến
Instant messaging Tin nhắn tức thì
Video conferencing Họp trực tuyến
Information overload Quá tải thông tin
Digital divide Khoảng cách kỹ thuật số

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