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Hôm nay tiếp tục với series giới thiệu bài mẫu, WESET xin cung cấp tới độc giả bộ trả lời mẫu cho 2 phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 và 3. Chủ đề được phân tích ngày hôm nay là “Mobile phone”.


Describe a time when you used a mobile phone to do something important.

You should say:

When it was?

What did you do?

Why it was important?

How did you feel?

When it was? Well, mobile phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives due to their incredibly handy features, and in this part, I’d like to tell you about an incident in which I utilized my phone to locate my friend’s missing one.

About a month ago, my friend and I went for coffee and when we were on our way home, she told me her phone was gone. I immediately jammed on the brakes to help her find it. I even dialed the number but nobody picked up.

What you did? We scour the entire vehicle for her phone, we searched high and low. However, we were still empty-handed, so I decided to track the mobile using the “Find my device” app on my iPhone.

Fortunately, the GPS showed that her phone was still at the coffee shop. We immediately headed back to the café but when we got there, it looked like it was already close. When all hope was lost, I saw a dim light at the counter, I walked up to the glass door and saw there were two employees doing the final accounting of the day. My friend and I waved at them from outside and explained the situation to them, they even gave us a hand. Eventually, we found the phone

Why it was important? At first, we were panicking since she had a scheduled meeting the next day, and she could not afford to lose the phone. All of her contacts, materials, message were stored in it and she did not have a backup
How did you feel? My friend breathed a sigh of relief when the phone was finally found, both my friend and I were extremely grateful to the friendly employees that helped us out. That was also the first time I witnessed the usefulness of my phone, I felt so appreciative of it.



1. What are the advantages of smartphones these days?

It is evident that people may profit significantly from mobile phones. To begin with, they provide users with a plethora of ways to connect with one another, such as phone calls, video conferencing, and text messaging. Furthermore, when it comes to learning and working, cell phones are excellent choices. Students can look up resources in different languages which offers them a much wider scope of knowledge. Lastly, whenever people want to let their hair down, the whole Internet is just at the touch of their fingertips, for example, people may browse YouTube and view short comedy videos.

2. Do young and old people use phones in the same way?

In general, no. When it comes to the purposes and frequency of mobile phone usage, I believe there are stark contrasts between the young and the old. Younger generations are adept at using mobile phones. Therefore, they are always glued to their phones texting and browsing the internet. The elder generation, on the other hand, solely uses phones to call people or to answer incoming calls. Some of them are even technophobes, they can’t operate a cellphone so rarely do we see the elderly spend much time on phones

3. Many people think mobile phones can be annoying at times. Can you give any examples of that?

Sometimes, phones can give a hassle by buzzing at the wrong moment. One prime example is a ringing phone during a conference or a meeting which is highly unprofessional and distracting. One other thing, I am not a fan of is that during a conversation with others, people keep checking their phones. It makes the speaker feel offended and not respected that the listener is not paying complete attention



1. Indispensable: không thể thay thế

2. Handy: tiện lợi

3. Utilize: tận dụng

4. On our way home: trên đường về

5. Jammed on the brakes: thắng gấp

6. Scour: lục lọi        

7. High and low: khắp mọi nơi

8. Empty-handed: trắng tay

9. Headed back: trở về

10. Dim: mờ

11. Gave us a hand: giúp ai đó

12. Backup: bản dự phòng

13. Breathed a sigh of relief: thở phào nhẹ nhõm

14. Appreciative of: cảm kích gì đó

15. A plethora of: rất nhiều

16. Let their hair down: thư giãn

17. At the touch of their fingertips: trên đầu ngón tay

18. Stark: rõ ràng

19. Adept at: giỏi về gì đó

20. Glued to: dán vào

21. Technophobes: người sợ công nghệ

22. Hassle: phiền toái

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