IELTS Speaking Famous Person & Celebrities – Part 2 & 3 Sample


Người nổi tiếng (tiếng Anh: celebrity hay celeb) ý chỉ một cá nhân hay một nhóm người có danh tiếng và được công chúng thừa nhận một cách rộng rãi. Tuy nhiên, làm thế nào để mô tả và trả lời cho những câu hỏi liên quan đến chủ đề người nổi tiếng trong phần IELTS Speaking Part 2 và Part 3 nhỉ?

Hãy cùng WESET xem kỹ những gợi ý về chủ đề này bên dưới nhé!

IELTS Speaking Famous Person & Celebrities – Part 2

Đề bài:

Describe a famous person you are interested in. You should say:

  • Who he/she is

  • How you knew about him/her

  • What he/she was like before he/she became famous

  • And explain why you are interested in him/he

Who he/she is

One can never be bored when talking about famous people. There is so much to get into and it also is an exemplary way to start a conversation or a monologue such as Speaking Part II IELTS. From my perspective, the person who pops up in my mind and also is the one I truly look up to is Selena Gomez.

How you knew about him/her

I first saw her on TV. It was also my favorite programme: Disney Channel. She mastered “Alex Russo” in “Wizard of Waverly Place. And she brought the character to life. Also, a few years ago when she shared how she did it in the role, she told that because Alex had the same personality as she did.  It was such a good joke that she made the whole show laugh out loud.

What he/she was like before he/she became famous

Selena had some words about her life before hitting big, simultaneously. She was born and her mother was a teen mom. They were struggling with living expenses until her parents got divorced when she was 5. Despite those trials and tribulations, she managed to earn her high-school diploma just by homeschooling.

Why you are interested in him/her

Such a talented and generous person that I took my interest in Selena when she left Disney to start her own career. She was once told she was not good enough by Hollywood. So frustrated that she wrote a song called “Who Says” to encourage everyone out there to believe in themselves. Recently, she has her beauty line: Rare beauty. And not just like other beauty products, her goal is to make about 100 million dollars over the next 10 years to help give people access to mental health services and 1% of Rare Beauty’s annual sales will go directly to the Rare Impact Fund to expand mental health services in underserved communities. In my opinion, she is a philanthropist.

IELTS Speaking Famous Person & Celebrities – Part 3

1. What are the differences between famous people today and those in the past?

There are so many changes between household names nowadays and those in the past. Long ago, it took people years to make it big. They must have a talent, the potential to be an actor, a singer or a musician. Their dedication to the new arts is the criterion by which a person is worthy of being known. They also have to have featured works, be industry veterans or be one of the millions. For now, the emergence of the Internet has made it possible for people with small talents to surface. Even filming an eating show can make a person shoot to stardom.

2. What kinds of famous people are there in your country?

In my country, those who are always in the public eye normally are people working in the film, sports and music industries. Their main responsibility is to bring out people’s satisfaction. The more work they have, the more famous they become. However, the global pandemic has reduced the entertainment sources as well as the new works of artists, so in my country, some people are famous for many reasons, such as they are beauty bloggers, doing charity work, reviewing promotional products or simply recording videos on Tik-Tok social networks following trends from previous people.

3. Do you think the media is putting too much attention on famous people?

People can make a name for themselves because of many reasons. The media is one of them. They have a reciprocal connection as they both have to make a living. Celebrities need the media to promote themselves to become more and more popular, while the media need celebrities to generate income for themselves. Besides, the demand to learn about celebrities is extremely high because many people take after celebrities as model citizens. However, on the negative side, the media, in order to please their fans, scrutinize the private lives of celebrities. The purpose is also to gain more profits for the company.

IELTS Speaking Famous Person & Celebrities – Vocabulary

Part 2:

– Exemplary (a.): mẫu mực, làm ví dụ, rất tốt


– Monologue (n.): độc thoại


– Perspective (n.): quan điểm


– Pops up (phrasal verb) = Appear (v.): xuất hiện

– Look up to (phrasal verb) = Respect: kính trọng

– Mastered (v.):  thông thạo


– Hitting big = Successful: thành công

– Teen mom: bà mẹ trẻ (tuổi vị thành niên)

– Trials and tribulations = Difficulties and challenges: khó khăn, thử thách

– Homeschooling (n): học tại gia


– Beauty line (n.): dòng mỹ phẩm

– Mental health (n.): sức khỏe tinh thần

– Underserved (a.): chưa được phục vụ


– Philanthropist (n.): nhà bác ái


Part 3:

– Household names (n): một cái tên mà mọi người đều biết

– Make it big (v.): trở nên nổi tiếng và thành công

– Criterion (n.): tiêu chí


– Industry veterans (n.): những người kỳ cựu trong ngành

– Shoot to stardom (v): trở nên nổi tiếng và thành công một cách bất ngờ

– Be in the public eye (a.): xuất hiện trên các bảng tin, phương tiện truyền thông báo đài

– Pandemic (n.): dịch bệnh


– Promotional (a.): khuyến mãi


– Make a name for themselves (v.): trở nên nổi tiếng và được mọi người tôn trọng

– Reciprocal (a.): tương hỗ


– Model citizen (n.): công dân gương mẫu

– Scrutinize (v.): soi mói


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