IELTS Speaking Chủ đề Advice – Part 2 & 3

Phần lớn các thí sinh cho rằng Part 2 là phần khó nhất của bài thi Speaking, bởi các bạn sẽ gặp lúng túng trong việc triển khai ý tưởng và không biết phải bắt đầu từ đâu. Để tăng khả năng ứng biến trong phần Speaking, cô Khiết Nhu – giáo viên lớp Pre – Intermediate (Reading: 9.0; Listening 8.5) sẽ hướng dẫn chi tiết và đưa ra gợi ý trả lời cho bài tham khảo dưới đây.


“Describe a time when you gave advice to others” 

You should say:

  • When it was
  • To whom you gave the advice
  • What the advice was
  • And explain why you gave the advice


When it was

Well, I am not an expert when it comes to giving others consultations, but today I will talk about a piece of advice that I have just recently given my friend – Liu.


To whom you gave the advice 

Liu is the happiest person I have ever known. She has a really clear vision about her future path and seems to always know what to do with her life. That is why when she came to me for help, I was extremely surprised.


What the advice was

The problem was caused by the genuine personality of Liu. She is too nice, too kind and is frequently afraid to break others’ hearts if she rejects their favors. In contrast, I am known for my straight forward characteristics, so maybe that was why she decided to seek my advice.

Back to the story, a friend of Liu had asked her to lend a huge amount of money for some personal reasons and this had put her in a dilemma. The issue was that even though Liu sincerely felt sorry for her friend and also had enough budget to do so, deep down inside, she did not really want to because this was the money that she had been saving during the year to reward herself with a new set of kitchen equipment. Liu was planning to pursue her dream of becoming a top baker so she had been trying her best all this time to learn and practice; hence, having more technological appliances would help her to upgrade her skills and technique more. However, she was scared that a friend of hers would define her to be insensitive and heartless if she refused to lend a hand.

I then had to sit her down and explain to her that it was fine to decline a favor which she felt uncomfortable doing. Also, she was not an affluent individual to splurge all her income on others. Hence, I suggested that she just be honest with that friend and shared her real thoughts.


And explain why you gave the advice

In this day and age, self-love has become an essential trait. Before helping others, it was necessary to fulfill our own needs, so sorting out a priority list in which our dreams, our interests always stay at the top is so important. It seemed to me that after our conversation, Liu had had a clearer view of what to do with her situation and I was glad that my pragmatic perspective could have helped her in some way.




1/ What are the problems if you ask too many people for advice?

It is tempting to get advice from many people to receive many diverse opinions, but doing so may actually backfire. The first drawback is that multiple advice may confuse the person who is in trouble and make this individual having an even harder time deciding what to do with the issue. Second, most advisors have the tendency to think highly of themselves, hence they would be unhappy or even offended if they assume that their heartfelt advice is not taken. What is more, they might feel disregarded and begin to distance themselves from us or become less interested in advising us in the future.


2/ What are the personalities of people whose job is to give advice to others?

Obviously, there are a multitude of qualities in which an ideal advisor should have. First of all, that person must be a good listener. When people are looking for advice, it is crucial to take time to understand the whole picture before offering any advice. Second, a good counselor must make the storyteller feel heard, it is easier said than done, for when people are confused, they become more fragile, and need someone who can understand their desires, their intentions and purposes, instead of judging and criticizing them about their actions.



Part 2:

Consultation (n): sự tham khảo

A piece of advice (phrase): lời khuyên

Break someone’s heart (phrase): làm cho đau lòng

Seek for advice (phrase): hỏi xin lời khuyên

Put someone in a dilemma (phrase): khiến ai đó khó xử

Deep down inside (phrase): trong lòng

Pursue (v): theo đuổi

Appliance (n): thiết bị

Define (v): nhận định

Sit someone down (phrase): ngồi lại để thảo luận một vấn đề

Splurge (v): phung phí

Sort out (v): lọc ra

Affluent (adj): giàu có

Pragmatic (adj): thực tế

In this day and age (phrase): trong thời đại ngày nay


Part 3:

Backfire (v): phản tác dụng

Heartfelt (adj): chất lượng cao

Advisor (n): người cho lời khuyên

Disregarded (adj): bị khinh thường

The whole picture (phrase): bức tranh tổng thể

It is easier said than done (phrase): nói thì dễ, làm thì khó

Fragile (adj): mong manh


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