Giải đề IELTS Speaking – A person who is the motivation for your career

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Describe a person who is the motivation for your career
You should say:
Who he/she is
What is he/ she like
Why is he/ she the motivation for your career
How do you feel about him/ her

Who he/she is

When it comes to this question, the first person that springs to mind is Mrs. Duong, my university lecturer, who has profoundly influenced my career path as an educator. I first met her a couple of years ago in my sophomore’s year when she was my “American Literature” lecturer. She has given me not only the learning motivation in my least favorite subject, but also the eagerness to become an inspiring teacher just like her.

What is he/ she like

Just like many other professors, she left some impression on me with her bright look, great confidence, and appealing presentation style. Moreover, as a teacher who graduated from a foreign country, she also delivered the lecture with a whole new insight.

Why is he/ she the motivation for your career

To be honest, during my first couple of years at the university, I wasn’t much of a career-oriented person since I didn’t see realize the real purpose of a teacher. The only reason why I was in a pedagogy university was because my parents wanted me to. But then, everything changed when I enrolled in Ms. Duong’s class. I was fascinated by her passion for teaching and how she leads her students into each of her lesson about the American stories. I can still remember how she allowed the class to do some research before coming to class and delivered the story from our very own perspectives. After that, the students were free to express their own opinions about the hidden meaning, symbol about 20th American society from these stories before she summarized and reached a conclusion. From that point on, I realized that: with an appropriate way to teach students, their mindsets about the subject can be changed positively. Moreover, watching such a passionate lecturer gave me the first glimpse of how to be decent teacher and how a positive attitude and approach can affect a person on such a deep level.

How do you feel about him/ her

Even though she moved to live in another country later and I did not have a chance to talk with her ever since, I am still grateful and admire her for her professionalism, dedication, and inspiration. If I ever have an opportunity to meet her in the future, I will not hesitate to send her my most sincere “thank you”.


1/ Is it important to have a university degree when finding a job?

To the best of my knowledge, having a Bachelor’ s degree is not a compulsory requirement at some certain workplaces. Despite that fact, a university degree might bring you some considerable advantages in search of a well-paid job. To begin with, it is a basic standard proving that you are a qualified candidate for the position, among many other fresh graduates out there. In addition, since the job market is always competitive, it is advisable to prepare with you other language or soft skill certifications, relating to critical thinking, teamwork, communication and so on.

2/ What do most people consider the most important thing when having a job?

Obviously, the most important factors for many people are attractive salaries and generous fringe benefits, including a health plan, paid holidays, or even a pension. For those ambitious people aiming to move up the corporate ladder in their new company, a positive working environment which supports each employee’s growth and promotion prospect must also be taken into consideration.

3/ Is it always necessary to work hard in order to achieve career success?

Hardworking is an important trait of an employer in order to notch up some certain success at work. However, I strongly believe that working smarter and becoming innovative holds the key to have your career breakthrough more quickly. Nowadays, any modern organization would have a high regard for a person who tend to think outside the box and break free of outdated patterns in order to gain better result. By working smartly and effectively, you may get recognized by your colleagues and your superior, which will eventually lead to bonuses or promotion.


Part 2:
springs to mind (phrase): nảy ra trong đầu
sophomore (n): sinh viên năm hai
eagerness (n): sự háo hức
appealing (n): hấp dẫn
insight (n): góc nhìn/ suy nghĩ
passionate (a): đầy đam mê
career-oriented (a): ưu tiên, chú trọng sự nghiệp
pedagogy (n): sư phạm
perspective (n): quan điểm
decent (a): tử tế, đứng đắn
professionalism (n): Trình độ nghiệp vụ, phẩm chất chuyên môn

Part 3:
Bachelor’ s degree (n): Bằng Cử nhân đại học
compulsory (a): bắt buộc
requirement (n): yêu cầu
well-paid (a) job (n): công việc trả lương cao
job market (n): Thị trường việc làm
fringe benefit (n): Phúc lợi
health plan (n): bảo hiểm sức khỏe
pension (n): lương hưu
ambitious (a): đầy tham vọng
corporate ladder (n): bậc thang sự nghiệp
growth (n): sự phát triển/ tăng trưởng
prospect (n): tiềm năng
taken into consideration (phrase): xem xét cẩn trọng
trait (n): đặc điểm
notch up (phrasal v): đạt được
career breakthrough (n): bức phá trong sự nghiệp
have a high regard (phrase): xem trọng
think outside the box (phrase): tư duy đột phá
pattern (n): khuôn mẫu
superior (n): cấp trên

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