IELTS Speaking Hometown: Từ vựng & Bài mẫu Part 1, 2, 3

ielts speaking hometown

Hometown là một chủ đề thường gặp trong IELTS Speaking. Trong bài viết hôm nay, WESET sẽ chia sẻ bộ câu hỏi và gợi ý trả lời mẫu Part 1, 2, 3 cho topic này – cùng một số từ vựng và cấu trúc diễn đạt mà bạn có thể sử dụng để thực hành thêm. Cùng tìm hiểu bạn nhé!

IELTS speaking Hometown – Sample questions and answers

Part 1

1. Where is your hometown? 
I come from a city in the south of Vietnam. It’s called Vung Tau, and it is about three hours away from Saigon by bike.
2. Please talk about your hometown. What is it like?
It’s a small city with a population of around 500,000 people. It’s quite close to Saigon, so it’s easy to get there by either bike or bus.
Vung Tau is most well-known for its beaches. It’s one of the reasons why so many people visit it every year. There are also a lot of tourist attractions here, such as Christ the King Statue and the Robert Taylor Museum Of Worldwide Arms.
3. Does your hometown have a lot of tourists?


Yes, it does. Vung Tau is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. Every year, millions of people come to visit its beaches and attractions.

Part 2

Q: Describe your hometown. You should say:

– Where it is

– What is its most interesting part

– What are the advantages and disadvantages of living there



I was born and raised in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It is located in the northern part of the country and is well-known for its many lakes, including the famous Hoan Kiem Lake. The city is also home to a large number of universities and colleges, which makes it a popular destination for students from all over Vietnam.

To me, the most interesting part of Hanoi is its Old Quarter. This is where you can find a lot of traditional shops and businesses that have been in operation for centuries. It’s truly fascinating to walk around and see how people here have managed to preserve their culture and traditions despite the rapidly changing world around them.

One of the advantages of living in Hanoi is that it’s a very convenient city. There are plenty of public transportation options, and you can usually find whatever you need within walking distance. In addition, my hometown is also very famous for its street food, which is something I really enjoy.

On the downside, Hanoi can be quite crowded and chaotic at times. The traffic here can be really bad, and it’s not uncommon to see people honking their horns and driving recklessly. Moreover, living expenses are getting more expensive every year, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult for residents to make ends meet.

Part 3

1. Some people want to live in their hometown for the rest of their lives. Why?


Sometimes people may have no desire to move from their hometown, as it is an ideal place for them to live and prosper in. They may feel comfortable there and not want to start a new life somewhere else. They might also have tons of business opportunities that they do not want to lose – or may not find elsewhere.  Additionally, people’s families and friends are generally located in their hometowns, so they would not want to leave them behind.


2. In what way do you think your hometown can be improved?


My hometown is one of the biggest cities in the country; hence, traffic congestion is a prevalent issue there. The government has been trying to improve the public transportation system, but it is still not sufficient. More measures should be taken to alleviate the traffic problem, such as building more roads and increasing the number of buses and trains.

In addition, I think the city authorities should do something about the air pollution issue. It has become quite severe in recent years, and it is taking a toll on people’s health. To me, it would be great if they could create more parks and plant more trees around the city.

Last but not least, I believe that the government should provide more affordable housing options for residents, as living costs in my hometown are getting very high.


3. What do you think people can do to remember their hometowns and keep them alive in their hearts?


One thing people might consider doing is trying to meet those who were from the same city or town as them, and who now live in different places. They could meet up with these people when they travel to the same city or town – or even connect with them online. Additionally, they might want to contribute to their hometowns in some way – such as by volunteering or donating money to local organizations.

Another thing people can do is keep in touch with family and friends who still live there. By staying connected, they can stay updated on what is happening in their hometowns and feel more involved in their community. Lastly, people might want to visit their hometowns regularly – or at least every once in a while – so that they can maintain a strong connection to the place.

Từ vựng chủ đề Hometown

Một số vocabulary về topic Hometown mà bạn đọc có thể tham khảo từ các bài mẫu kể trên:


  • to be located in (a place): tọa lạc/ ở một khu vực/ địa điểm nào
  • within walking distance: chỉ một địa điểm đủ gần về khoảng cách địa lý để có thể đi bộ đến
  • street food: thức ăn/ ẩm thực đường phố
  • public transportation: phương tiện giao thông công cộng
  • traffic congestion: tắc nghẽn giao thông
  • measures: biện pháp
  • alleviate: giảm bớt (độ nghiêm trọng của) vấn đề
  • air pollution: ô nhiễm không khí
  • take (something) toll: ảnh hưởng xấu đến ai/ cái gì
  • contribute to (something): đóng góp
  • maintain (a connection): duy trì (mối quan hệ/ liên kết)


Cấu trúc IELTS Speaking – Topic Hometown


  • It’s a great/wonderful/fantastic/beautiful place: Đó là một nơi tuyệt vời / tuyệt đẹp.
  • I love/like/enjoy living there: Tôi rất yêu thích được sống tại đây.
  • It’s a convenient place to live in because…: Đó là một nơi rất đáng sống vì…
  • There are plenty of things to do in the area: Có rất nhiều thứ để làm ở đây.
  • I have many friends and family members who live nearby: Tôi có nhiều bạn bè và người thân gia đình sống gần đó.
  • Unfortunately, it has some problems, such as…: Thật không may, ở đây cũng có một số vấn đề, chẳng hạn như…
  • I think the authorities should do something about…: Tôi nghĩ các nhà chức trách nên có biện pháp xử lý đối với vấn đề…
  • In my opinion, one way to improve the situation would be to…: Theo tôi, một cách để cải thiện tình hình là…

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