IELTS Speaking: Busy time – Part 2 & 3 | Bài mẫu + Từ vựng


Miêu tả về thời gian là một đề bài ít gặp ở phần thi Speaking. Vì vậy, bạn sẽ gặp phải một số khó khăn trong việc triển khai ý và chọn lọc các từ vựng đáng giá cho chủ đề này. Hãy để WESET hỗ trợ bạn với sample bài giải chủ đề “Describe a time when you were busy”.




1. Bài mẫu

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you had to do during that time
  • How you managed it

And explain how you felt about being much busy.

When it was I am a workaholic, therefore I am constantly occupied. But the time leading up to my university entrance exam was the busiest and most difficult for me.
What you had to do during that time Unlike other high school students who just had to study basic topics in their chosen blocks, I had a significantly larger burden at the time. Since I intended to enroll in a Canadian university, I had to get ready for my study abroad record by composing an essay and a study plan, taking part in a few extracurricular activities, and attending extra classes in order to achieve high grades at school in the hope of receiving a scholarship from my dream university. I was feeling really lost at that moment since I did not have enough time for myself.
How you managed it However, I had no other options. I need to keep putting in a lot of effort to fulfill my goals. Fortunately, I had a lot of people behind me during that difficult period. Every time I encountered a challenge, my family and friends were there to encourage and support me. In addition, my mentor at the oversea study consultancy centre taught me how to meditate, which I used to unwind and clear my head whenever I was anxious. I also became more concerned with time management and began to use planners. In the past, I used to let the grass grow under my feet. However, after being overwhelmed by a tonne of work, I began to divide my work into smaller, independent tasks and made plans to complete them by certain dates. I felt less stressed and had more time for myself since I started working on the tasks well in advance of the due date. I had more time to read books, watch Netflix series, socialize with friends, and find my inner self.
And explain how you felt about being much busy At first, I worried that I would bite off more than I could chew, and I wanted to find a quick way out of the mess. As a result of the schedule and other people’s guidance, the pressure gradually subsided and I started to become more productive every day. In reality, when we give ourselves permission to pause for perspective, our minds can do a marvel and guide us on what to do next.


2. Từ vựng và cụm từ

  • Workaholic (n): Người tham công tiếc việc
  • University entrance exam (n): Kì thi đại học
  • Extracurricular activities (n): Hoạt động ngoại khóa
  • Scholarship (n): Học bổng
  • Oversea study consultancy center (n): Trung tâm tư vấn du học
  • Meditate (v): Thiền
  • Unwind (v): Thư giãn sau 1 thời gian căng thẳng
  • Let the grass grow under someone’s feet (phrase): Nước đến chân mới nhảy
  • Overwhelmed (adj): Quá tải
  • Inner self (n): Bản ngã
  • Bite off more than one can chew (phrase): Cố gắng làm những việc quá khả năng
  • Subside (v): Giảm
  • Productive (adj): Năng suất
  • Permission (n): Sự cho phép
  • Marvel (n): Kỳ công


1. Bài mẫu

  • What is the best way to deal with stress?

There are various effective stress management techniques. In my opinion, the most important approach to relieve stress is to take a day off and spend it on yourself. Sometimes the simplest methods of stress relief are the most effective: Just binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows, read a new book, listen to your idols’ playlists, and disconnect from social media. Taking such a break not only helps people to be more productive when they return to work, but also allows them to keep a pleasant mindset.

  • What kinds of people are likely to have a busy lifestyle?

Busy individuals, in my opinion, are typically procrastinators. Due to their inability to plan their time properly, those who needlessly put off activities are never productive. As a result, they never finish anything and are always besieged by deadlines. Procrastinators are thought to be ‘cool’ because of their hectic lifestyle. Still, if individuals continue to live in that way for a while, it will become extremely stressful for them, which will lower the quality of their lives.

  • Do you think the modern, and maybe stressful lifestyle is suitable for young children?

Adolescents can cope with stress, but only when it is positive. For instance, the constant pressure to get to school on time causes children to put on their shoes, grab their belongings, and board the bus. However, the hectic lifestyle that modern people are living is a little too much for young people to handle. As a result, in order to protect children’s physical and mental health, parents should be aware of how much stress their kids are experiencing.


2. Từ vựng và cụm từ

  • Binge-watch (v): Cày phim
  • Procrastinator (n): Người trì hoãn
  • Besiege (v): Vây quanh
  • Hectic (adj): Tất bật
  • Adolescents (n): Thanh thiếu niên
  • Cope with (phrasal verb): Đương đầu với
  • Constant (adj): Liên tiếp
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