IELTS Speaking Useful jobs in society – Part 2 & 3 Sample

useful jobs in society

Đề bài: Describe a person you know who does a job which is useful to society

Sample Speaking Part 2 | Topic: Useful jobs in society

  • Who this person is
  • How you knew him/her
  • What type of work he/she does

And explain why you think his/her work is useful to society.

What it is Any vocation in society is honorable and deserving of respect, in my opinion. Now I would like to discuss a specific person whose profession is extremely significant to society: My university instructor.
How you knew him/her Thanh is her given name. She is my instructor for the course ‘Introduction to Advertising‘. She may be in her early 40s, however I am unsure of her actual age.
What type of work he/she does She is a fantastic teacher. She uses more sophisticated teaching techniques and delivers her students lectures based on first-hand knowledge of the media and communication industry. She delivers motivational presentations to students about various sectors and assigns homework that is akin to work from real businesses. As a result, she ensures that no student falls behind in class. Ms. Thanh is a successful businesswoman in the media and communication sector in addition to teaching at our institution. She contributed to the creation of several well-known advertising campaigns for numerous significant Vietnamese firms. She has a lot of responsibilities as both a university professor and an entrepreneur, yet she is always very considerate and helpful when we have concerns regarding our lectures and assignments. Additionally, she frequently donates a portion of the profits from her business to charitable causes, particularly those that support children’s rights.
Why you think his/her work is useful to society Her work is crucial because it develops students’ potential and equips them with the information they need to become useful members of society in general and the communication and media industries in particular. Without a doubt, she is a teacher who discovers students’ talents and prepares them for the future. She also engages in a great deal of philanthropic work that is very valuable to society. In conclusion, she is the individual in my life whose work is crucial to society.

Sample Speaking Part 3 | Topic: Useful jobs in society

1. What jobs are well-paid?

I believe that occupations with high salaries are those that call for inherent abilities that cannot be simply developed via learning, such as singers, actresses, actors, and composers. Celebrities nowadays make millions of dollars. They are adored by many people and work incredibly hard. Though many individuals may claim that they do not deserve all of that money, you cannot deny that it is still a lucrative job in which they can both make a killing and gain recognition from many people, if not the entire globe.

2. What are the changes on working conditions?

The emergence of digital nomad has been aided by the rise in new technologies. You design your own working environment. Making money online while working from a hotel room or a cafe is possible. In fact, some businesses are already insisting on just hiring remote workers since it frees up space in the office.

3. What are the impacts of the epidemic on the work environment?

The COVID-19 epidemic has altered our lives in several ways, most notably at work. Recent mental health discussions have been related to the COVID-19 epidemic and the issues that it brought. Employees all throughout the world had to handle childcare, work-life balance, and various communication means while working during the epidemic. Given that the choice to work remotely is probably here to stay, companies may need to put in a lot of effort to keep their staff members motivated, to maintain a positive workplace culture, and to put their welfare first.

Từ vựng và cụm từ

  • Honorable (adj): Đáng kính
  • Sophisticated (a): Sành sỏi
  • First-hand (a): Trực tiếp
  • Motivational (a): Truyền cảm hứng
  • Akin (a): Giống
  • Fall behind (phrasal verb): Tụt lại phía sau
  • Considerate (a): Tử tế
  • Philanthropic (a): Tốt bụng
  • Inherent (a): Vốn có
  • Via (prep): Thông qua
  • Nomad (a): Nay đây mai đó
  • Insist (v): Yêu cầu
  • Alter (v): Thay đổi
  • Notably (a): Đáng chú ý
  • Welfare (n): An sinh/ Phúc lợiVocation (n): Nghề nghiệp

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