IELTS Speaking: Describe a Place – Part 2 & 3 | Bài mẫu

Hôm nay tiếp tục với series giới thiệu bài mẫu, WESET xin cung cấp tới độc giả bộ trả lời chi tiết cho 2 phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 và 3. Chủ đề được phân tích ngày hôm nay là “Describe a Place”.


Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

  • Where it is

  • How you knew it

  • How often you go there

  • What you do there

  • And explain why you like the place.

Where it is I want to talk about Le Van Tam Park, which is situated in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The park is within walking distance from the apartment building I am living in now. It only takes me five minutes to get there. A huge component of the park that some may not have noticed is that park is home to plants that have been grown for hundreds of years.
How you knew it If my memory serves me right, my friends took me around Saigon city and our final destination was Le Van Tam Park. We enjoyed ourselves very much with the fresh air as well as the peaceful scenery that we seldom have in this lively city. I have never come to such a large park like this one before.
How often you go there Because it is not too far away from my current accommodation, I come to the park 4 times a week and spend around 2 hours there.
What you do there Every morning when I get up, I usually take a walk in the park and do exercise with my boyfriend. Sometimes, we just sit there to take fresh air and listen to our favourite songs. It always gives us greater peace of mind.
Explain why you like the place Firstly, I think parks are perfect getaways in cities. In this day and age, people are living a very busy lifestyle, some don’t even have time to talk or walk outside the office. Hence, parks provide a wonderful environment for people to enhance their physical endurance and get rid of their sedentary lifestyle. Besides, the rich variety of plant life in the park has contributed to balancing the ecosystem of the city.


1. Compared with young people, do old people prefer to live in quiet places?

I think it’s a matter of a person’s choice whether they want to live in a more peaceful place than their own. I have seen many Ho Chi Minh elder citizens wishing to stay in Ho Chi Minh city for the rest of their lives as they get used to today’s fast-paced life. Honest to say, many young potential youngsters tend to move to metropolia for better opportunities and occupations, elder people want to pass their old age peacefully though.

2. Is it that hard to find quiet places in cities?

Yes, I think it is tough for citizens to find a tranquil place because cities are full of very crowded public places. Frankly, you are still distracted due to the construction on the roadside if you go to the library, which should have been quiet.

3. Why do some people not like quiet places?

I’m not exactly sure how to answer the question, perhaps they get used to the hustle and bustle of the place they are living in. They love being surrounded by fun and frolicking. Frankly speaking, I am an introverted girl, I am not as energetic as others therefore living in a quiet place provides me with a good chance to have a rest after a long day’s work.


1. Walking distance: trong tầm đi bộ

2. If my memory serves me right: nếu tôi không nhầm thì

3. Lively: sống động

4. Component: các thành phần

5. In this day and age: thời nay

6. Greater peace of mind: sự thanh thản, an tâm hơn

7. Perfect getaways: nơi nghỉ ngơi hoàn hảo

8. Hence (adj): nên

9. Sedentary lifestyle: lối sống ít vận động

10. Plant life: đời sống thực vật

11. Today’s fast-paced life: cuộc sống nhộn nhịp ngày nay

12. Pass one’s old age peacefully: tuổi già trôi qua một cách bình yên

13. Tranquil: yên tĩnh, tĩnh lặng

14. Frankly speaking: thẳng thắn mà nói

15. The hustle and bustle of: sự ồn ào và náo nhiệt của

16. Introverted: tính hướng nội

17. Ecosystem: hệ sinh thái

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