IELTS Writing Task 2 đề ngày 09/07/2022 – Sports | Bài mẫu

Đề bài: Some people think that as long as some sportsmen and sportswomen have good performances on the field, their behavior off the field is not important. Do you agree or disagree?

Dàn bài

  • Introduction:

Paraphrase đề. Thể hiện quan điểm bản thân.

  • Body paragraph 1:

Hành vi và thái độ tốt là cách xây dựng thương hiệu hiệu quả:
thu hút được nhiều sự yêu thích từ cộng đồng => nổi tiếng lâu dài

  • Body paragraph 2:

Nếu vận động viên rất tài giỏi, luôn đem lại huy chương cho quốc gia, tính cách xấu của họ sẽ được bỏ qua:
thể thao cần tinh thần đồng đội, với đồng đội, huấn luyện và cả khán giả => hòa nhã, khiêm tốn với nhau
VD: nhiều ví dụ về sự thất bại trong thi đấu bắt nguồn từ mâu thuẫn nội bộ.

  • Conclusion:

Khẳng định lại quan điểm.

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 Chủ đề Sports

Sports have always been an indispensable part of life. There is a majority of the society believing that if the players are able to excel in their field, their behaviors will no longer be a vital role. This essay does not agree with this argument and will discuss several pieces of evidence to support it.

First and foremost, good manners can be used as an efficient branding solution. If players behave well with others as well as with the media, this will attract a huge number of fans, which will eventually make them become more favorable and thus, gain more love and impression from the public. This kind of support lasts much longer and is consistent in comparison with the idolized affection. Therefore, well-mannered acts help the sportsmen to achieve life-long popularity, so it should be considered as important as their athletic skills.

On the other hand, some opine that off the field’s behaviors is only a minor role. They argue that bad personalities could be overlooked if such gifted professional players can claim victory on behalf of his country. From my perspective, this belief is invalid. Sports dignify team spirit in order to win. Hence, athletes need to have a close bond with not only their teammates, but also other people ranging from the trainer, health care staff to other employees so that everyone can support them to reach and maintain the best condition. To make up for this connection, sportsmen need to treat others with respect, humble, and amicably both on field and off field. There have been so many stories about failures in sports, which causes lies in the internal hatred between members or staff in the same team. Thus, it is crucial for players to practice and nurture a good personality along with professional skills.

To conclude, this essay reiterates that despite the necessity of actual performance on field, sportsmen’s conduct is also essential and needs to be considered more as it contributes greatly to victory and is favored by spectators.

Từ vựng nổi bật

indispensable (a): không thể thay thế
to be overlooked: bị bỏ qua
claim victory: giành chiến thắng
maintain the best condition (v): giữ phong độ tốt nhất
amicably (adv): một cách tốt bụng
amicable (a)
internal hatred: mâu thuẫn nội bộ
nurture (v): nuôi dưỡng
reiterate (v) nhắc lại
conduct (n): hành vi
contribute (n): đóng góp
spectator (n): khán giả

Hy vọng bài viết bên trên cung cấp cho bạn những từ vựng và ý tưởng hay để bạn có thể áp dụng cho bài Writing Task 2 của mình.

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