IELTS Writing Task 2 – Cosmetic Surgery | Bài mẫu

cosmetic surgery


Đề bài: An increasing number of people are choosing cosmetic surgery for changing their appearance. What can be the reasons for this? Do you think it’s a positive or negative development?


Với thời buổi hiện nay, nhu cầu làm đẹp ngày càng tăng cao, mọi người bắt đầu yêu cầu cao hơn về vẻ bề ngoài của mình. Đi đôi là sự phát triển không ngừng của hệ thống khoa học kĩ thuật hiện đại, hàng loạt các lĩnh vực kéo theo đó mà vươn tới nhiều tầm cao mới. Từ đó, khái niệm phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ ra đời và nhanh chóng trở nên thịnh hành.

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1/ INTRODUCTION: Paraphrase the topic. State personal opinion.
  • Undergo incidents:
– Acid attacks, car accidents, severe burns, etc.
—-> Rebuild self-esteem
  • Meets the beauty standard:
– Materialistic world: look more modern, younger than actual age
– Celebrities as beauty icons: take after to be more beautiful
  • Discrimination:
– Body-shaming, criticized by the husbands
—-> 90% of women choose plastic surgery because of family discord, 3rd person in a relationship.
  • Harmful:
Skin cancer → extremely dangerous
Failed surgery → lost both lives and beauty
  • Extravagant:
Millions of dollars are spent on proper skin maintenance
4/ CONCLUSION: Reaffirm the point of view.



Technology is undeniably convenient. It indeed makes a revolution in any field available, which also includes cosmetics. There are myriad reasons behind the rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries. It also depends on many different purposes to be able to categorize reasons. For those who have just experienced unnecessary accidents, plastic surgery is reasonable. Those with inherent appearance want to go for plastic surgery to be more confident, more captivating, and more in line with the beauty standards of each era. From my perspective, although it is admitted to be useful for those in need, it is still a potential hazard that needs to be overcome.
To begin with, there are several causes provoking people to have cosmetic surgery. First of all, there are people choosing to make body enhancements with the help of plastic or cosmetic surgeons because they are deemed necessary. Namely, those who undergo undesirable incidents such as acid attacks, car accidents, and severe burns that harshly affect their physical appearance make them look unappealing, terrifying, and easily alienated. These kinds of people are left with no choice but to undertake the surgery. They need that help to have a more pleasing appearance and rebuild their self-esteem. Secondly, the present world has become very materialistic. People tend to pursue formations younger than their actual age. At the same time, celebrities for the sake of looking attractive experience surgeries to modify their facial components. As a result, their followers tend to walk in their footsteps leading to a rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries. Lastly, people choosing this kind of beauty operation are those who suffer from discrimination and body-shaming. Researchers have ascertained that 90% of married women in Vietnam seeking for this type of enhancing appearance as a result of their husbands’ apathy.
Correspondingly, there are numerous pitfalls of undergoing cosmetic surgeries. As a rule, such decisions can lead to extreme regrets if the surgery fails or there are postoperative complications. A lot of evidence has been delivered, and many people have admitted that their skin becomes more swollen, red or sensitive after plastic surgery. More importantly, some symptoms get worse which can lead to skin cancer or more destructive, death. A recent survey reported a greater number of skin cancers in those people who had plastic surgeries than those who did not. Furthermore, people lose their natural appearance and wear artificial masks of beauty. Simultaneously, millions of dollars are spent for regularly undergoing treatment for proper maintenance of skin. This is also considered a burden on pockets of the common masses.
To conclude, I will state that plastic surgery has been proven to convey a lot of negativity to the masses. It glorifies people by demonstrating how important looks are in life causing men and women alike to flock in search of the so-called “perfect beauty”. Meanwhile, humans ought to understand that we should be familiar with different types of beauty rather than learning by some standard that is supposed to be correct without proof. Plastic surgery should be restricted to those who really need it or have certain casualties.


  • Revolution (n): cuộc cách mạng
  • Myriad (a): vô số
  • Inherent (a): vốn có
  • Captivating (a): cuốn hút
  • Hazard (n): mối nguy hại
  • Provoke (v): kích thích
  • Deem (v): cho là
  • Unappealing (a): không hấp dẫn
  • Alienate (v): xa lánh
  • Self-esteem (n): lòng tự trọng
  • Materialistic (a): duy vật, nặng về vật chất
  • For the sake of = in order to: để mà
  • Discrimination (n): phân biệt đối xử
  • Body-shaming (n)/(v): miệt thị ngoại hình
  • Ascertain (v): xác minh
  • Apathy (n): sự thờ ơ
  • Pitfalls (n): cạm bẫy
  • Postoperative complication (n): biến chứng sau phẫu thuật
  • Swollen (a): sưng tấy
  • Artificial (a): ảo
  • A burden on pockets (n): gánh nặng với túi tiền
  • Common masses (n): đại chúng
  • Glorify (v): đánh giá cao, biểu dương
  • Flock (v): đổ xô vào
  • Casualty (n): thương vong
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