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Không quá bất ngờ khi friendship được xem là một trong những chủ đề phổ biến nhất trong phần thi Speaking bởi sự gần gũi và thông dụng khi ứng dụng vào thực tế. Được xem xét và biên soạn tỉ mỉ từ đội ngũ giáo viên WESET, bài thi mẫu IELTS Speaking Friends lần này chắc chắn sẽ không khiến bạn thất vọng bởi những nội dung và giá trị mà nó sẽ mang lại.

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IELTS Speaking Friends – Part 1

  1. Do you have a lot of friends?

Yes, I do have quite a few friends. I believe that quality matters more than quantity when it comes to friendships, so I have a small circle of close friends with whom I share a strong bond.

  1. What do you usually do with your friends?

I enjoy engaging in a variety of activities with my friends. We often go out for meals, catch movies, explore new places, or simply have heart-to-heart conversations over coffee. Occasionally, we also organize small get-togethers at our homes, where we cook together and play board games.

  1. How do you usually spend time with your friends?

The way I spend time with my friends really depends on our interests and schedules. Sometimes we embark on outdoor adventures like hiking or cycling, while other times we opt for more relaxed gatherings, such as having a picnic in the park or attending local cultural events.

  1. What qualities do you think are important in a friend?

In my opinion, honesty, loyalty, and a sense of humor are crucial qualities in a friend. A true friend should be someone you can confide in, rely on during difficult times, and share lighthearted moments that bring joy to your life.

  1. Have you been friends with the same people for a long time?

Yes, I have been fortunate to maintain long-lasting friendships with some of the same people for many years. We’ve grown together, supported each other through various phases of life, and our bond has only strengthened with time.

  1. Do you think friendships change as people get older?

Absolutely, I believe that friendships evolve over time. As people grow older, their priorities, responsibilities, and interests may shift, which can influence the dynamics of friendships. However, true friends are adaptable and find ways to stay connected and maintain their strong relationships despite these changes.

  1. Do you prefer to spend time with a large group of friends or a small group?

I tend to prefer spending time with a small group of friends. It allows for more meaningful interactions and deeper conversations, which I find more fulfilling than being in a larger group where it might be harder to connect on a personal level.

  1. How important are friends in your life?

Friends play a significant role in my life. They provide emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. Having close friends helps me navigate challenges and celebrate successes, making life’s journey all the more enjoyable and meaningful.

IELTS Speaking Friends – Part 2

ielts speaking friend - part 2

IELTS Speaking Friend – Part 2

Topic: Describe a friend you like to talk with 

You should say:

  • Who he/she is
  • What you like to talk about
  • Why do you like to talk with him/her

And explain how you feel about him/her


Considering myself as an introvert, I don’t have many intimate relationships. However, there is a person with whom I would always come to share my difficulties when I am in deep water. Her name is Trinh, and she is probably the most sincere friend I have ever had.

If I recall correctly, I got to know her during my first year at secondary school when she was my deskmate. I have to admit that we didn’t have much in common at first. She was a charismatic class monitor, who always inspired others with her positive aura while I was a glass-half-empty person. Thus, I had never had the courage to talk with her. Eventually, we became close when our science teacher assigned us to the same research project. Not only did she teach me how to open my heart to people around me, but she also kept me in a good mood with her hilarious jokes.

We’ve been through many ups and downs together for the past 12 years we’ve been friends. Of course, there were occasions when we fell out with each other due to some arguments. After all, we still kissed and made up as she was always the one apologizing first. I can honestly say that she is such a good company and I can be myself when I am with her.

Although now she lives in the North and I live in the South of Vietnam, we try our best to keep in touch with one another and I really hope that we will remain close friends for life.

IELTS Speaking Friends – Part 3

Kết thúc phần trả lời ở part 2, đến với phần này WESET sẽ tổng hợp lại các câu hỏi về friends thường gặp trong bài thi IELTS cùng đáp án mẫu để các bạn có thể dựa vào đó mà triển khai được ý tưởng của bản thân.

ielts speaking friend - part 3

ielts speaking friend – part 3

  1. Where do young people like to meet?

There are plenty of places for youngsters to meet up in their spare time, for example, shopping malls, walking streets, and movie theaters. As these places are extremely easy to access and offer a wide range of entertainment. I also notice that young Vietnamese these days tend to gather in street food stalls since those destinations provide not only delicious but also affordable food.

  1. What do young people talk about when they meet up? 

Well, I think most teenagers love to gossip with their friends about showbiz scandals since those affairs have become hot topics for the young. As a young girl myself, I realize girls around my age usually share their daily routines with each other, such as what they should wear today, or even the problems they have with their boyfriends. I am not really sure what the boy’s interests are, but I believe they will pay great attention to sports and video games.

  1. Do you think people should be honest when talking with friends?

Although I am sure that honesty is the core virtue in any relationship, we shouldn’t be straightforward all the time. Sometimes, the boundary between an honest man and an obnoxious person is just a thin line. Thus, always giving constructive opinions is the best way to maintain a friendship without hurting anyone because of our words.

  1. On what occasions do people talk with strangers? 

Oh, that’s not something I’ve ever given any thought to, but off the top of my head, I guess that people might speak with strangers when they feel lonely and want to release their stress. I know a plug-in called “kokobot”, which is run by a non-profit organization on Tumblr. They offer free communicating services connecting Tumblr users, especially for those suffering from depression and anxiety. In which, people can share their difficulties anonymously and receive anonymous advice from other users. I think this is a great way for us to express our thoughts without any hesitation. You know, at some point in life, we do need help from strangers.

IELTS Speaking Friends – Vocabulary

Cuối cùng, dưới đây là một số từ vựng IELTS chủ đề friends thông dụng mà WESET đã chắt lọc ra từ bài mẫu trên để bạn có thể dễ dàng ghi nhớ và sử dụng vào bài nói thực tế hơn.

ielts speaking friend - vocabulary

IELTS Speaking Friend – Vocabulary

  1. Part 2:

  • intimate relationship (adj – n): mối quan hệ thân thiết
  • in deep water (idiom): trong tình huống khó khăn
  • sincere (adj): chân thành
  • have much in common (idiom): nhiều điểm giống nhau
  • charismatic (adj): đầy năng lượng
  • class monitor (n): lớp trưởng
  • aura (n): năng lượng toả ra
  • glass-half-empty person (idiom): người tiêu cực
  • have the courage to do sth: có gan làm gì đó
  • hilarious (adj): hài hước
  • ups and downs (idiom): những khó khăn trong cuộc sống
  • fall out with (phr.v): cãi nhau
  • kiss and make up (idiom): làm lành
  • good company (adj – n): người bạn tốt
  • keep in touch with (idiom): giữ liên lạc
  1. Part 3:

  • youngster (n): người trẻ
  • affordable (adj): phải chăng
  • gossip (v): buôn chuyện
  • affair (n): vấn đề
  • pay attention to (phr.v): chú ý tới
  • core (n): phần chính
  • virtue (n): phẩm chất
  • straightforward (adj): thẳng thắn
  • obnoxious (adj): khó ưa
  • a thin line (idiom): mong manh
  • off the top of my head (idiom): vừa mới nghĩ tới
  • plug-in (n): tiện ích
  • anonymous (adj): ẩn danh

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