IELTS Speaking: Describe something that surprised you


Cuộc đời có đầy sự bất ngờ, và sẽ như thế nào khi IELTS mang điều đó vào đề thi? Cùng WESET xem qua bài mẫu Speaking về chủ đề Surprise – Sự ngạc nhiên ngay bên dưới nhé!

Part 2

Describe something that surprised you. You should say: 

  • What it is 
  • How you found out about it 
  • What you did 
  • And explain whether it made you happy 
What it is 


How shall I put it?  I haven’t received much astonishment before, however, the first thing that springs to  my mind is when I had to make one of the most important decisions in my life. It was about 5 years ago, I was having ants in my pants waiting for the university admission scores. The institution I wished to apply to was the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh, which is situated in Go Vap District. Every day at home I told my parents I wanted to go to Ho Chi Minh City for further education, but they hesitated for not seeing me every day. 
How you found out about it 


In the end I ended up scoring 22 out of 30 which was higher than I expected. I felt so happy that I could jump for joy. Beyond everything, my parents were incredibly proud of me and supportive, making me one of the greatest pride that they have ever had. So far,  I am nothing but a girl who keeps going and going whatever it takes. Looking back I sincerely felt grateful to my parents for not compelling me to be the next-door kid  and  raising me to match up to the standards. 
What you did 


I was on cloud nine, I stayed up till the wee hours, packing my things and waiting for the day that I could start to manage my own life.  Finally, the most awaited day came, my parents took a day off work to take me to university. And then I was down in the dumps while realizing the pride in moving to another city for studying was that we could only meet our parents a few times a year. 
And explain whether it made you happy   
You may think that this is one of the sad personal experiences in my life but now looking back, I would say I was mentally terrified at first, but I have never ever regretted leaving my family and my home. Lucky me, I’ve never lost my support system. I’m so thankful for my supportive parents and loved ones, who made me one of the happiest out-of-towners in this world.

Part 3

  1.   How do people express happiness in your culture?

Well, it’s a big topic. Many of my Vietnamese acquaintances, no matter whether they are children or grown-ups, love sharing their enjoyment with their loved ones when something exciting happens to them. We think that expressing a lot of love and happiness to our family and friends who have a lot in common with us is always a part of being balanced and happy on a daily basis. Even though some Vietnamese people tend to keep emotions bottled up inside instead of putting their feelings into words, their rich feelings are still there.

  1.   Do you think happiness has any effect on people? How?

Well, the need to feel happy and needed is virtually one of the most prerequisite demands of every single living soul on this planet. Happiness is related to how people feel, but it is more than just a fleeting emotion. To me, happiness is such a powerful feeling. It’s incredible how joy can make us feel like we’re on top of the world. This can make us feel like we can do anything and we are invincible. More than that, being happy and optimistic can help each individual cope with depression and anxiety. To sum up, I personally consider this magical feeling as an important part of our lives. 

  1.   Is it good for people to be unhappy? Why?

That’s an interesting question. Let me see. Well, I suppose that being in low spirits is a part of the ups and downs of human lives. People sometimes can’t help but fall apart in a life full of threats, but the foremost thing is that they learn how to turn stress into motivation. Honestly, life is too short to be miserable, we should keep going and seeking out things that bring us joy and pleasure. 

Bảng từ vựng

  • astonishment (n): sự bất ngờ
  • spring to somebody’s mind (idiom): nghĩ ngay đến
  • to have ants in your pants (idiom): bồn chồn, đứng ngồi không yên
  • to be situated in (v): vị trí nằm ở 
  • the next-door kid (n): con nhà người ta
  • match up (phr.v): sao cho phù hợp với, đạt được
  • on cloud nine (idiom): hạnh phúc ngập tràn, như đang trên chín tầng mây
  • the wee hours (idiom): sáng sớm, những giờ phút rất sớm sau nửa đêm
  • take a day off work: xin nghỉ việc một ngày
  • down in the dumps (idiom): rất buồn, thất vọng, tụt cảm hứng
  • out-of-towner (n): người con xa xứ, người đến từ một vùng đất khác
  • acquaintances (n): người quen
  • to have something in common: cùng có điểm chung về 
  • a daily basis: hằng ngày
  • keep something bottled up inside (phr.v): kìm nén điều gì đó( thường được dùng cho cảm xúc)
  • putting their feelings into words (idiom): nói ra, diễn tả suy nghĩ/tình cảnh của mình thành lời
  • virtually (adv): hầu như, gần như
  • prerequisite (adj): tiên quyết, quan trọng, cần phải có 
  • living soul (n) mọi người, mọi sinh vật sống
  • fleeting emotion (np): cảm xúc thoáng qua
  • cope with (phr.v): ứng phó với
  • to be  in low spirits (idiom): cảm thấy buồn, chán nản
  • the ups and downs of life (idiom): những thăng trầm trong cuộc sống
  • distress (n): sự lo âu

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