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Hôm nay tiếp tục với series giới thiệu bài mẫu, WESET xin cung cấp tới độc giả bộ trả lời chi tiết cho 2 phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 và 3. Chủ đề được phân tích ngày hôm nay là “city”.

IELTS Speaking City – Part 2 Sample

Describe your favourite city.

You should say:

  • Where and what it is
  • What the city is famous for 
  • What you can do there
  •  And explain whether or not you will visit this city again.
Where and what it is To be honest, I’m not exactly a travel fanatic so I haven’t been to many places, but there’s this one city that I’m particularly fond of. It is Da Lat city, which is a city situated in the West highland region towards the South of Viet Nam and is quite far from Ho Chi Minh city where I live. It takes about 6 to 7 hours to get there by car or bus through windy mountain roads. This city is often recognized as a popular destination for young people in Vietnam.
What the city is famous for Since Da Lat’s atmosphere is cooler than most Southern areas, it attracts plenty of tourists that wish to get away from the scorching heat of metropolitan areas and experience a fresh and breezy environment instead. The city is also often referred to as the “City of Love”, or the “City of eternal spring”. The reason is that the place is artistically decorated with various types of beautiful flowers such as roses, lavenders, hydrangeas, and sunflowers blooming all year round thanks to its favourable weather. Not to mention, breathtaking pinecone forests along with lakes and waterfalls are also a sight to behold in Da Lat.
What you can do there I think with the city’s chilliness and poetic vibe, lovebirds or newlyweds often frequent Da Lat to spend warm moments together. Family members can also have a cosy time making happy memories during their time by riding tandem bicycles around Ho Xuan Huong Lake or visiting spectacular destinations such as the Valley of Love, Lang Biang mountain, or wandering through Da Lat’s night market to enjoy the city’s famous cuisines, or buy fresh flowers and fruits.
And explain whether or not you will visit this city again. I’ve only been there quite a few times either with my family or my classmates during high school field trips, but it still holds a special place in my heart. Though I don’t have the urgent need to do so at the moment, I would absolutely be interested in visiting Da Lat city again with my family or friends in the future. I still would like to come back to the feeling of the city’s fresh and cool air, try many scrumptious cuisines and participate in other fascinating activities in Da Lat.

IELTS Speaking City – Part 3 Sample

1. Why do young people tend to live in bigger cities?

As far as I’m concerned, young people prefer to be city dwellers because cities offer them access to a variety of conveniences to live life to the fullest. Many big cities are usually equipped with modern facilities such as public transport systems, shopping malls, entertainment hubs and such. Youths are often bursting with energy and an eagerness to prove themselves, so a bustling environment and fast pace of life is more their cup of tea. Metropolitan areas also provide loads of job opportunities, so young people tend to opt for living in the city to earn enough income to achieve their dreams and goals.

2. What problems can rapidly expanding cities have?

I believe most people would agree that the more an urban area grows, the more drawbacks they face. In my opinion, the thorniest issues are pollution and lack of housing. Pollution takes the forms of air pollution, water pollution, and especially land pollution. They are often caused by vehicles, factories, and people’s daily wastes. As a result, many areas are contaminated and become a challenge to live in. Regarding poor housing, this is most likely due to the influx of people migrating to the city to look for a better life. However, since there are too many citizens, most are forced to live in cramped places with terrible conditions that violate their rights to live safe and sanitary life.

3. What is a better place for children to live? City or the countryside?

Personally speaking, I think children would thrive more in a metropolitan environment. Living in the countryside can indeed benefit one’s mind by providing fresh air, peaceful surroundings and the chance to be close to nature, but the better option for growing kids is to live in a big city that can offer opportunities for advanced education and services. Young city inhabitants can also engage in various conversations where they improve their social skills or partake in activities where they can learn to be independent.

Từ vựng IELTS Speaking City Vocabulary

  1. (Travel) fanatic (n): cuồng (du lịch)
  2. Attract a great deal of (phrase): thu hút số lượng lớn
  3. Scorching (heat) (adj): cái nóng cháy da, nóng như thiêu
  4. A sight to behold (phrase): một cảnh quang (đẹp) đáng để chiêm ngưỡng
  5. Frequent (v): đi đến, thăm
  6. Tandem bicycle (n): xe đạp đôi
  7. Scrumptious (adj): ngon tuyệt
  8. City dwellers (n): cư dân thành phố
  9. Live life to the fullest (phrase): sống cuộc sống một cách trọn vẹn nhất
  10. Burst with (v): đầy ắp
  11. Bustling (adj): nhộn nhịp
  12. Thorny issue (n): vấn đề nhức nhối
  13. Influx of (n): dòng người tràn vào
  14. Sanitary (adj): vệ sinh, sạch sẽ
  15. Thrive (adj): phát triển mạnh

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