The prevention of health problems and illness is more important than treatment and medicine. Government funding should reflect this. To what extent do you agree?


1. Hướng dẫn làm bài:

Chủ đề Health (Sức khoẻ) luôn là một chủ đề khó, nhất là khi người ra đề kết hợp cả chủ đề chính trị, luật pháp,… Nếu bạn muốn đạt điểm Task Achievement cao thì cần phải có kiến thức xã hội vững chắc, cùng với tư duy phản biện tốt. WESET English Center gợi ý cho bạn dàn bài tham khảo như sau:

Thesis statement: Prevention is more effective, though treatment is important as well

Body 1: Prevention is better than cure

– More sustainable

– Time & Cost-effective

 Body 2: Cure is important as well

– Treatment is always needed

– Government spending can make treatment more effective

2. Bài viết tham khảo:

Problems of health have been given increased attention in recent decades across the world. Consensus remained undecided, however, regarding where government funding should go: to the prevention of diseases, or to the treatment of such. I strongly believe it is far more effective to invest in prevention, but the treatment of serious diseases, still, should not be neglected.

It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. In an obvious sense, it proves more sustainable. Scientifically, human health can be reinforced and maintained effectively in the long term via varied approaches like dieting, exercising, and even spiritual therapy. If people remain vigilant to avoid severe ailments, they stand a lower chance of contracting them. Furthermore, this strategy appears more time- and cost-effective. Once a patient is diagnosed with, say, cancer, he or she will either pour their fortunes into immediate treatment, or choose to wait for their inevitable doom. These money, collectively calculated, have amounted astronomically in recent years. But regardless, where patients already reach the final stage of cancer, there is little else but a short time left for them to while away. All this money can be well-saved, and time can be lengthened, thanks to proper preventative schemes.

However, if the government does not allocate funding into aiding treatments and the devising of new medicine, this will pave the way for grim scenarios. It is understandable that however well prevented diseases are, they are still recurrences in people’s lives. Once a patient chooses to undergo treatment at a public hospital, a lack of state’s financial aid towards expensive procedures will disable people’s capability to continually access the services. He or she will have to rush towards alternative options with perhaps affordable price tags, but no guaranteed predicament. Government budget, if well spent, can equip hospitals and clinics with necessary tools and resources to provide the best and most accessible services for patients in need.

All in all, prevention definitely offers more benefits than cure, yet an investment in both should prove most efficient in that public health can best be catered for.

(By Mr. Hải Đăng  – IELTS Teacher at WESET)

Useful vocabulary:

Consensus (n): Sự đồng ý, sự thoả thuận

Sustainable (a): Bền vững

Reinforce (v): Củng cố 

Spiritual therapy (n): Trị liệu về tinh thần 

Ailment (n): Bệnh (nhẹ)

Time- and cost-effective (adj): Rẻ hơn và nhanh hơn

Pour fortunes into (phr.): Tiêu tốn tiền của vào 

Astronomically (av): Cực kỳ lớn 

While away (phr.v): Dùng thời gian một cách thoải mái vì không có gì để làm, hoặc đang đợi điều gì khác 

Scheme (n): Kế hoạch

Allocate (v): Phân bố

Pave the way (v): Mở đường cho

Grim (a): Nghiêm trọng, nghiệt ngã 

Undergo (v): Trải qua (điều gì đó không tốt) 

Predicament (n): Tình trạng khó khăn 

Cater (for someone/something) (v): Phục vụ, cung cấp

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