Giải đề mẫu Writing Task 1 dạng Table

Đề bài: The table below gives information about students studying in six departments in an Australian university in 2011.

Dàn bài

Introduction: Paraphrase lại đề bài

Overview: Humanities có tỉ lệ sinh viên nữ cao nhất. IT có tỉ lệ sinh viên có ngôn ngữ đầu tiên không phải là tiếng Anh cao nhất. Physics và IT có phần trăm sinh viên không phải native Australian cao nhất. 

Body 1: % Females

  • Humanities (72%) và Human (68%) lớn nhất
  • IT (17%) và Engineering (15%) thấp nhất

Body 2: % First language not English

  • IT cao nhất (49%), sau đó đến Engineering (42%)
  • Humanities thấp nhất (12%)

Body 3: Born outside Australia

  • Physics và IT cao nhất và bằng nhau (56%)
  • Humanity (23%) và Education (20%) thấp nhất

Bài mẫu

The given table illustrates how many tertiary students enrolled in 6 fundamental majors at an Australian university in 2011.

Overall, a majority of female students were in favor of Humanities and Education, while those two departments had the lowest proportions of students whose mother tongues were not English. Moreover, the highest percentages of non-indigenous Australian learners majored in Physics and IT.

Regarding the distribution of gender, over 70% of the students learning Humanities were women, followed by the figure for Education, with 68%. Conversely, fewer female students seemed to find technological majors such as IT or Engineering appealing, with only 17% and 15% in that order.

As for their first communicating language, about half of IT students (49%) were not native English speakers, which accounted for the highest figure, whereas the number of non-indigenous English enrolling in Science was 4% lower. By contrast, only 12% of English students majored in the Humanities.

In terms of international learners, Physics and IT shared the same highest proportions of students born outside of Australia, with 56% each. However, the quantities of students with diverse nationalities in the Education and Humanities departments were the lowest, at 23% and 20%, respectively.
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Từ vựng và cụm từ

  • tertiary students: sinh viên đại học
  • in favor of: yêu thích
  • non-indigenous (adj): không phải người bản xứ
  • mother tongue (n): ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ

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