IELTS Speaking: Describe a special cake you receive from others

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Part 2: Describe a special cake you receive from others

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • Who you got the cake from
  • And explain why it’s a special cake.
When it happened Since I was born, I have never received a cake which was baked by another one. I usually regard things as “special” if it was handmade because it shows a person’s labour of love. And the day when I first had my special cake was my 18th birthday.
Where it happened If my memory serves me right, it was a Saturday morning when I was going to my university as usual without realizing anything about my birthday. Basically, I usually meet up with my friends at the cafeteria at around 8 a.m. However, when I arrived, I saw none of them there and got very confused. I picked up my phone to call them and they told me to come to our classroom. 

When I arrived, I saw my friends there with a cake on the table. It was a medium dark chocolate cake which is covered by cocoa powder, and on top of it was a splendid Fuji mountain made of white chocolate. I was stunned right away and speechless. Although the cake was not flawless, it tasted amazing, and a more important thing is that it was a handmade cake by my closest friends. I burst into tears in the middle of the class as I knew that I was one of the luckiest person in the world to have such good friends. Then after the class, we celebrated my birthday in a cozy restaurant.

To be more precise about how the cake was baked, there was a day when I asked them to hang out, however they were all busy and refused to go. I was feeling a little bit down that day, but I did not tell them about it. Then it turned out that it was the day when they are all gathered in one’s house to bake the cake for me. Having figured out the truth, I was brimming with happiness, and we celebrated my birthday after the class had finished.

Who you got the cake from The cake was baked by my closest friends. We were already close to each other since we were still in high school, so it was not a surprise that they know I have a sweet tooth and the fact that I am really into Japan’s culture and sites.
And explain why it’s a special cake There are two reasons why that cake had so many meanings to me. The first reason is because I have never done anything special for myself on my birthday annually, so I think my friends noticed that and came up with the idea to do it for me. Moreover, as I have already said at the beginning that everything which is handmade always has a special meaning to me, and just by looking at the cake, I can see how much I meant to my friends.

Part 3

  • What are the differences between special food in Vietnam and other countries?

As far as I am concerned, there are several differences about special food in Vietnam when compared to other countries. Firstly, Vietnamese food are very cheap and are affordable for all people, especially for those who are foreigners that want to try the food. Moreover, as Vietnamese people love flavors, a the food which are made always flavorful and includes a variety of seasonings namely sugar, salt, pepper, and especially MSG, a kind of seasoning that is not well-known in many western countries. To this extent, Vietnamese food are now widely known in all over the world for its cheap price and wonderful taste.

  • Why are some people willing to spend a lot of money on meals on special days? 

In my opinion, the reason why people usually splurge their money on meals on special occasions is not simply to have decent meals, but also to keep those occasions as a memory. Maybe this could be a reason why extravagant restaurants are built too. As they offer people with a private space to have a talk, or to celebrate with their family in a place which is well-decorated by the restaurant and they do not have to worry about the quality of the food. Moreover, special days such as weddings, birthdays and ceremonies are usually regarded as a milestone to everyone, and it is an excellent idea to share those milestones with other people in a cozy restaurant gathered with decent meals and have a little chat. 

  • Do you think it’s good to communicate when eating with your family? 

Absolutely yes. As I do not usually have time to talk to my family from time to time, meals are considered as an occasion for me to confide in. Nowadays, both parents and children have their own works to do, parents would go to work and children would go to school, the only time that they can see each other is when they are having dinner so chatting while eating is an opportunity for them to share their stories. Moreover, many teenagers have to fly the nest to make a living, which makes it even more difficult for them to have dinner with their family in a daily basis. Therefore, organizing a meal on a special occasion is a good idea for them to sit down and listen to each other. When we eat, we tend to break the silence with a funny story and then other members will follow to make it a conversation. To this instance, communicating while having a meal is the best time to spare with family.

New words and phrases

Part 2: 

  • Labour of love (N): Việc làm không vì lợi ích 
  • If my memory serves me right (Phrase): Nếu tôi nhớ chính xác
  • Meet up with (Phrasal verb): Hẹn gặp (có sắp xếp trước)
  • Splendid (Adj): lộng lẫy, rực rỡ; tuyệt vời (văn nói)
  • Speechless (Adj): Không nói nên lời
  • Flawless (Adj): Hoàn hảo
  • Burst into tears (Phrasal verb): Bật khóc
  • Feel down (Intransitive Verb): Cảm thấy buồn, suy sụp
  • Brim with + N (Phrasal Verb): Tràn đầy (một cảm xúc tích cực)
  • Have a sweet tooth (Idiom): Thích ăn đồ ngọt
  • Come up with (Phrasal Verb): Nảy ra (ý tưởng, …)

Part 3

  • As far as I am concerned (Idiom): Như tôi được biết
  • Affordable (Adj): Giá cả phải chăng
  • Seasoning (N): Gia vị
  • Decent (Adj): Dễ chịu, ngon miệng
  • Extravagant (Adj): Đắt đỏ
  • Splurge on (Phrasal Verb): Vung tiền
  • Fly the nest (Idiom): Rời khỏi nhà để sống tự lập
  • Break the silence (Verb): Phá vỡ sự im lặng

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